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Supports Immunity, Shortens Colds, Improves Skin: Zinc Picolinate Liquid Drops with Bisglycinate Chelate plus Sambucus Elderberry and Vitamin C

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Liquid Zinc Supplement

Fight off viruses and bacteria with our liquid Zinc supplement.

Many people know that zinc helps fight off viruses and bacteria and shorten cold duration, but zinc is important for more than just the immune system. It helps fight diarrhea, is important for skin health, and it supports the metabolism. It even helps protect your eyesight!

You need to consume enough zinc every single day as your body can't store it. Oysters are the best natural source, but supplements are a great insurance plan for those oyster-free days. 

But- not all zinc supplements are created equal!

What makes this liquid zinc an immunity powerhouse?

  • BEST FORMS OF ZINC: Say no to foul-tasting, poorly-absorbed zinc sulfate found in most zinc supplements! We use zinc picolinate + zinc bisglycinate chelate (both well-studied in clinical trials - see graphs here) for optimal absorption and maximum health benefits. 600 mg premium zinc per bottle!
  • REAL SAMBUCUS ELDERBERRY: Don’t be fooled by ineffective elderberry “juice” (used only for marketing) - we use potent European elderberry extract for immune support and lowered inflammation.
  • VITAMIN C: We’ve also added the same amount of vitamin C as 3 lemons to make this extra powerful!

  • Plus more to love:

  • EASY FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Our liquid vitamins in organic glycerin are a breeze to add to your routine. Our marked glass dropper (with serving size on the box) gives you a full day’s serving in a delicious tart berry flavor.
  • IMMUNITY AND METABOLISM SUPPORT: Our premium zinc complex aids the immune system, is rich in antioxidants, improves digestion, supports metabolism, skin health, and helps absorb B vitamins.
  • WHY NOT NATURAL STANDARDS: These drops are vegan, free of sugar, artificial colors and sweeteners, GMOs, and most allergens like peanut, soy, gluten, dairy, and wheat. Our zinc complex is made in the USA in a 3rd party verified, GMP certified facility.

  • How to Take It

    It's an easy-to-take liquid form with a marked dropper! For full dosage, fill to top line (1 mL) and take once per day or as needed. We recommend taking directly by mouth or mixed into water with meals, any time of day. For children, give 1/4 to 1/3 of a dropper per day.

    Why zinc picolinate, zinc bisglycinate, and elderberry are the best natural ingredients for immunity, skin, and more:

    Why Zinc Picolinate is the Best Absorbed Zinc

    Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate - Why We Love It

    What's so Great About Elderberry?


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