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Vitamin B12 + Folate Liquid

Vitamin B12 + Folate Liquid

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Supports energy, focus, mood

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Organic, free of preservatives & sugar

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Marked glass dropper for easy dosing

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FEEL BETTER, NATURALLY: Our sublingual organic Vitamin B12 + folate works together for natural energy, mood, and memory boost - they support healthy metabolism, immunity and nervous system functioning as well as red blood cell production and iron function. Achieve your fitness goals, perform better at work/school, and improve your overall health and feeling of well-being.

HEART, DIGESTION, BRAIN, PREGNANCY: these two vitamins maintain healthy homocysteine levels, heart and brain health, metabolism and GI tract health. Folate is an especially important factor in healthy spinal cord development and consumption is important for women of child-bearing age (as well as men, for its reproductive benefits!).

HIGHEST POTENCY: While many B12/folate supplements contain 1000mcg or less B12 per serving, we give you the same number of servings per bottle at 2000mcg B12 and 800 mcg folate for a healthy ratio.

EASY FOR YOUR BODY TO USE: Features methylcobalamin and folinic acid, the bioavailable forms of B12 and folate that are more readily absorbed by the body. Contains no toxic cyanide or synthetic folic acid like other, inferior vitamin supplements!

GRADUATED DROPPER FOR EASY DOSING: The graduated/printed dropper allows you to quickly & easily measure 2000mcg B12 + 800mcg folate or another amount that’s right for you. No more guessing or counting drops! Save time in the morning, and always get an accurate serving size!

How to Take it

B vitamins are ideally taken on an empty stomach! We recommend taking it first thing in the morning before eating, once per day. You can even break the dosage up into smaller doses and take multiple times per day for enhanced absorption.

You can start with 1/2 dose to test whether that's enough to give you the desired result, and increase to a full dose as needed.

Need Help Deciding?

It can be difficult to know when you need B12, and when you need B12 + Folate together. Check out this article on Vitamin B12 and Folate for a little extra help.

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