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Vitamins and Supplements For A Great Energy Boost

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the most common causes for low energy when it pertains to a vitamin deficiency. One of the most common sources for vitamin B12 is in animal meat, so vegetarians and vegans are especially susceptible to low energy from this deficiency. By introducing a vitamin b12 supplement, you could notice that your energy improves and you have more stable energy and focus throughout your day. Approximately 10-30% of adults have a b12 deficiency and could benefit from a vitamin b12 supplement in their diet. 


Iron is another common deficiency that can cause low energy. Low iron levels can cause everything from sleeping problems to sluggishness and difficulty concentrating. By introducing iron into your diet, you may notice that your energy levels improve and you get better sleep, allowing you to feel more well rested throughout your day. Pregnant women or menstruating women are commonly iron deficient and experience sluggishness and fatigue as a result.


Many times, all we need in order to feel more energized throughout the day is a better night’s sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body to regulate our sleep-wake cycle and ensure that we get a deep, fulfilling sleep. Melatonin is commonly used as a natural sleep aid, and taking the recommended dose before bed can allow you to get a better night’s sleep. By getting a deeper, more fulfilling rest, you can have much better energy throughout your day. If you are experiencing issues sleeping, consider adding melatonin to your supplement list and take it before heading to bed. 


Citrulline is a nutrient that causes our bodies to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide increases circulation in the body. Through this improvement in circulation, we are getting more oxygen flow to the body and brain, which can improve focus and energy. Citrulline has been shown in studies to increase racing times in runners and cyclists, making it a great option for those who are active and feeling sluggish that may need a boost of energy.

While there are many vitamins and nutrients that can improve energy levels in the body and mind, it is always best to consult your physician before adding any new supplements to your diet. If you are looking for a fantastic b12 or liquid vitamin drops to add to your diet that are 100% naturally derived, check out our store!

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Risks Of Taking More Than The Daily Recommended Dose of Vitamins

While vitamins and supplements can be fantastic pillars in your diet, taking more than the recommended dose and offer up some unwanted side effects. By taking more than the recommended dose, it can not only waste money and your supplements, but it can cause health problems as well. It is extremely important to always take the recommended dosage of your vitamins and always consult a physician regarding your vitamin and supplement usage.

Heart Disease

While vitamins such as calcium, folic acid, and vitamin d are three common vitamins, taking too much daily can cause heightened risk of heart disease. These are three of the most common supplements that people intake over the daily amount either through diet or supplement intake. In addition to heart disease, too much of these supplements can also create nerve damage and improper nerve function. 

Nausea and Diarrhea

Certain vitamins, such as vitamin C, can create nausea and diarrhea when taken in too large of daily doses. Hand in hand with nausea and diarrhea, too much of this supplement can cause terrible stomach cramps. By having diarrhea and potential vomiting, as well, it can lead to dehydration which has it’s own set of health concerns and side effects extending outside of the initial nausea and stomach issues onset by too much vitamin c.

Hair Loss and Fatigue

Hair loss and fatigue can be caused by taking in too much of certain vitamins, such as selenium or vitamin K. If you notice increased hair loss such as when you are showering or notice thinning hair, it is best to visit your physician and to stop supplement intake to determine the cause and make sure that you are not taking in more than the recommended daily dosage. 

It’s Unusual To Take A Toxic Level of Vitamin A or D

While many vitamins have a level of toxicity if taken in too large of amounts, vitamin a and d have been shown to be much easier on the body if taken in too large of a dose and it is rare to see a toxic level in the body. While this is true, it is always recommended to still consult a physician and to never take more than the recommended dosage.

Wasting Your Money and Supplements

Whenever we take more than the recommended dosage of a supplement, it does not cause us to absorb more of the supplements. Instead of this, our body will urinate out the excess. It 

instead will waste your money and supplements, in addition to potentially causing some unwanted health effects. 


It is important to note that the recommended dosage of vitamins and supplements are to keep you safe and offer you the most beneficial experience. To shop for all natural vitamins, visit our shop where we have both liquid vitamins and capsule vitamins that are 100% all natural and high quality for maximum bodily absorption. 

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4 Great Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a popular vitamin that is known for its use both topically and taken as a supplement. Oftentimes, we hear about the benefits vitamin c possesses for our immune system whenever we are told to take vitamin c whenever we are sick. However, in addition to powerful immune system support, there are other fantastic benefits that vitamin c offers our body.

Decrease Risk Of Stroke

Studies have shown that proper vitamin c consumption can decrease the risk of both heart attack and stroke. Individuals who had proper vitamin C levels in their bodies and blood streams were shown to have a 42% lower stroke risk than individuals who did not have enough vitamin C in their diet. While this study shows that vitamin C does in fact decrease stroke risk, studies are still being conducted on exactly why it is that vitamin C has such a powerful defense against stroke and heart disease. Remember, as well, that while vitamin C is fantastic for the body, it is important not to exceed the recommended 2,000 MG per day dosage for healthy and proper supplement consumption.

It Will Give You Glowing Skin

Vitamin C is often used in topical skincare as a brightening agent, and also offers benefits such as protection from free radicals and pollutants in the air. However, many people are unaware that vitamin C can also make you glow from the inside out. Consumption of proper levels of vitamin C can give your skin the boost it needs to be supple and radiant. 

Vitamin C Can Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that a deficiency in vitamin c can lead to stress related diseases and an overall higher production of cortisol in the body. Adrenaline and cortisol are the bodily chemicals that create stress in the human body. Vitamin C is also the first nutrient to be diminished in alcoholics, obese individuals, and smokers. Many times, a deficiency of vitamin C can lead to stress which can lead to the relief of stress in other fashions. By consuming a proper amount of vitamin C within a diet, stress relief can prevent the use of other unhealthy methods of stress relief. 

Vitamin C May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Vitamin C has been shown to lower blood pressure, making it a fantastic preventative supplement for those who have high blood pressure in their family tree. Having high blood pressure carries an impressive set of risks, such as increased risk of heart disease. Proper consumption of vitamin c may help lower blood pressure and in return have decreased risk of heart disease and other related health concerns and diseases.

Vitamin C offers an impressive set of benefits that are outside of the common cold/immune system benefits often told about the supplement. It is important to take no more than the recommended maximum dosage of 2,000 mg per day, and to consult a doctor whenever you are introducing any new supplements or vitamins into your diet. For a fantastic vitamin c supplement, check out our liquid vitamin c supplement in our store today!

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Why To Take Your Vitamins And Supplements With Food

If you’ve taken vitamins and supplements, you are probably well aware of the instruction to always take your supplements with food or after a meal. While this is relatively common knowledge, the reason for this is not known to some. To learn more about why to take your vitamins and supplements with food and the benefits of making this a habit, read on below.

Whenever we take vitamins, our stomach digests the contents and then it is sent throughout our bodies by our bloodstream. Our stomach acid is what breaks down the contents of everything that we eat, and whenever we eat food, additional stomach acid is produced in order to properly digest what we eat. If we have an empty stomach, our stomach acid production goes down in order to avoid damaging our stomach lining and to prevent health concerns such as stomach ulcers. 

Whenever we consume food, there is a sizable portion being consumed and therefore it sends a signal to our stomach to create additional stomach acid. Whenever we consume a vitamin or supplement by itself, it is not a large enough portion to send a signal to our brain to create additional stomach acid and properly digest the vitamin.

Consuming vitamins and supplements without food has multiple negative reactions. Nausea can be a common side effect of taking vitamins without food. In addition to nausea, there can be less absorption of the vitamin by your body due to the lack of stomach acid to properly break down and digest the vitamin. This means that less of the “good stuff”, aka: the actual beneficial nutrients of the vitamin are being absorbed to be used by the body. 

By taking your vitamins and supplements with food, you are maximizing the positive benefits of your vitamins in addition to preventing unwanted side effects such as nausea and potential vomiting. To check out some great vitamins and supplements, take a look at our vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin B12 supplements in our shop today!

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Why Am I Tired? Vitamin Deficiencies That Can Cause Fatigue

Why Am I Tired? Vitamin Deficiencies That Can Cause Fatigue

Tiredness, grogginess, and difficulty concentrating can all be symptoms of a vitamin deficiency. Many nutrients that we take in are important for our body and brain functions, and whenever our body is lacking in those, it can cause notable tiredness and fatigue that we feel all day. This can be brought about by several factors-one of the factors could be that you are not sleeping well at night due to a deficiency, and one of the other factors could be that you are sleeping too much due to brain or body fatigue. If you notice that your nights are sleepless or that you find yourself having trouble staying awake and sleeping too much, a vitamin deficiency could be the cause. We are going to explore a few vitamins that are responsible for upholding our energy and brain health, and how lacking those nutrients can cause fatigue and tiredness.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is important for both our body and brain function, and helping to regulate our sleep-wake cycle. Lacking vitamin B12 in a healthy diet can lead to difficulty sleeping, which can cause tiredness during the day and noticeable muscle fatigue. Sleep is extremely important to the human body, and without a proper regulated sleep-wake cycle, this disturbance can majorly affect your level of energy and fatigue.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 promotes healthy metabolic processes, and our metabolism is also responsible for digesting our food and turning it into sustainable energy. By supporting this metabolic process, you can notice increased energy levels and less fatigue. In addition, studies show that vitamin K2 is responsible for contributing to brain health, leading to higher levels of focus, concentration, and energy. By supporting the metabolism and the brain, a more optimal level of energy can be achieved. If you are lacking in this nutrient, you can notice fatigue and tiredness, difficulty concentrating, and lower levels of thought processing.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, gained often times through exposure to sunlight as well as in many of the vegetables and fruit that we eat, is a commonly deficient nutrient due to high levels of processed foods and the common “always inside” lifestyle due to work, technology, and other lifestyle factors. If you are deficient in Vitamin D, you may notice that you feel groggy, tired, and even have muscle weakness.

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Benefits Of Vitamin K2

Benefits Of Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 has many health benefits that are fantastic for the body. Whether you’re looking for additional energy, health improvement, taking it to counteract a vitamin deficiency, or to supplement a diet, Vitamin k2 is a fantastic addition under the right circumstances.

In this blog, we are going to explore some of those benefits and see when the right time to add Vitamin K2 to your diet is. If you are looking for a fantastic liquid vitamin K2 to add to your diet, check out our liquid K2 dropper in our store. 

Vitamin K2 Promotes Better Brain Function

Vitamin K2 can promote better brain function, which is one of the most popular reasons why it is a beloved and important supplement. Due to this, you may notice better focus, more sustainable energy, faster processing, and overall more “clear” thoughts. 

Vitamin  K2 Can Prevent Heart Disease

In addition to assisting brain function, Vitamin K2 (either in K2 liquid drop form or capsule) can do it’s part in helping to prevent heart disease. A deficiency of vitamin K2 can actually cause side effects such as a fluttery heart, and so this supplement has many fantastic qualities in terms of aiding in bodily function and heart function. 

Skin Health

Especially in today’s day and age where we are becoming much more focused on skin health and regular dermatology visits, anything to uphold the health of the skin is extremely important. Over time, we have begun to recognize the care that is necessary for the skin and how important it is to take care of the largest organ in the body. Vitamin K2 can actually uphold and improve skin health, and some vitamin K2 users actually state that they saw a noticeable difference in their skin after taking the supplement.

Bone Health and Metabolism

Vitamin K2 can also improve and contribute to bone health and a proper, healthy metabolism. Just like we are aware that calcium contributes to the health of our bones, Vitamin K2 is another supplement that sustains this same function. In addition to healthier bones and bone marrow, vitamin k2 can contribute to a healthier metabolic function. 

These are only some of the fantastic qualities of vitamin k2, and the effects that this supplement can have on the body. If you are looking for a fantastic vitamin k2 supplement, check out our vitamin k2 liquid drops and our other fully natural and easily digestible supplements. For questions about our products, visit our contact page and our customer service representatives will be with you shortly.

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Signs That You May Have A Vitamin Deficiency

Signs That You May Have A Vitamin Deficiency

Suffering from a vitamin deficiency can cause a greater decrease in quality of life in addition to posing health risks in both the long term and short term. With health risks such as cardiac disease, lowered immune system, and more, it is important to deal with a potential vitamin deficiency once you notice the symptoms and signs. While some may be difficult to pinpoint, others may be more noticeable. We have compiled a few of the potential symptoms that you might see if you are experiencing a vitamin deficiency. As always, if you believe you’re deficient, the best thing to do is to head to your doctor's office and ask for testing to be done. 

Brittle hair and nails

Vitamin deficiencies often show themselves in our dermatology, such as our hair and nails. If you notice that your hair and nails are lackluster and brittle, then you may be suffering from a deficiency of some kind. This is one of the most common symptoms in vitamin deficiencies, regardless of whether it is a vitamin B12 deficiency, a calcium deficiency, or a vitamin K2 deficiency.

Scaly Patches On The Skin, and Dandruff

Just like we stated previously, often times the most common symptoms of vitamin deficiencies display themselves in our dermatology. If you’re noticing scaly patches on the skin in addition to dandruff, it’s best to see a doctor for testing to see if a vitamin deficiency is the cause. Our skin is almost always the first to show us symptoms of what is going on inside of our bodies, and being deficient in vitamins and nutrients we need are no exception to this.

Restless Leg Syndrome

While restless leg syndrome can also be a symptom of mental health illnesses or diagnoses such as anxiety or schizophrenia, it can also be caused by a deficiency in vitamins and nutrients. Many times, vitamins such as vitamin B12 deficiencies can actually cause an onset of anxiety and sleeplessness, which contributes to restless leg syndrome. If you find that this is something you are experiencing, it could be a deficiency.

Sleepless Nights

One of the lesser known symptoms of a deficiency is sleeplessness and restlessness. Many people who are lacking proper nutrients find it difficult to sleep at night, causing them to be tired, groggy, or anxious during the day. This can become a vicious cycle in which less work gets done throughout the day, causing you to be more anxious and sleep even less, and can greatly contribute to a lower quality of life. 

Lower Night Vision and Difficulty Seeing In Low Light

Vitamins such as vitamin A contribute to our vision health and ability. If you are deficient in Vitamin A or Vitamin C, it can cause trouble seeing in lower light and you might notice slight to moderate impairments in vision that would otherwise go unexplained. As always, if you’re experiencing this it is always best to go to the doctor for further testing and to narrow out any other possibilities that could be affecting vision.

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Why Are All Natural Supplements Important?

Why Are All Natural Supplements Important?

While it may be tempting to head to your local Walmart and buy a Great Value brand vitamin or supplement, it is probably best to fight that urge. Many vitamins and supplements that are sold for cheaper prices and at chain grocery stores include fillers, chemicals, and sometimes even plastics. There are many reasons why going for an all natural supplement is healthier and will produce better results, and we are going to cover a few of those below.

Better Absorption Rate

By switching to an all natural supplement, you are increasing the absorption rate of the vitamin. What this means is that your body is responding more positively, and absorbing more of the nutrients within the supplement that you are ingesting. With higher absorption rates, you are therefore taking in more amounts of the supplement while still ingesting the recommended dosage. 

You Might Purchase Something That’s Been On The Shelf For Years.

You would never walk into a supermarket and purchase a slab of beef or a bag of avocados that had been on the shelf for more than a few days or a week, so why would you do it with your vitamins? Many large, name brand vitamins get mass produced and then end up sitting on the shelf for years. This can point to two underlying concerns: the effectiveness of a vitamin after having a long shelf life, and the additives inside of the vitamin that are making this a possibility. A truly all natural vitamin will typically have a shorter shelf life than a non-natural vitamin, due to these chemical components not being added.

Chemical Buildup That Can Eventually Lead To Disease

Whenever you ingest a 100% all natural vitamin or supplement, the body excretes the excess vitamin that it doesn’t need, and absorbs the rest. Whenever a chemical based or “synthetic” vitamin is ingested, the body instead will store these until it is able to process them. The storage of these unnecessary synthetic components by the body can actually contribute to additional health problems, making the very ingestion of these vitamins counterproductive and counterintuitive.

The best line of action whenever you are taking a vitamin or supplement is to ingest a high quality, all natural version. Whether you’re taking vitamin A, vitamin K2, vitamin B12, or any other supplement you are adding to your diet, choosing a high quality and natural form is highly important. By avoiding synthetic vitamins, you can also notice that the “sickly” feeling that you may get after ingesting supplements goes away, whereas with synthetic forms you may feel a heavy or sick feeling in your stomach. For a fantastic selection of all natural vitamins and supplements, check out our store. We offer a great selection of all natural liquid vitamins, vitamin K2, liquid b12 drops, and more.

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What Vitamin B12 Can Do For You

What Vitamin B12 Can Do For You

As we already know, vitamins can have different effects on your health and energy. In terms of what vitamin you should be taking, it depends on what your body needs. However, by taking in supplements, you can notice drastic differences in your health, appearance, and quality of life by bringing in the right supplement. Vitamin B12 is a powerful supplement that can be introduced to the right persons diet, and by bringing in an all natural B12 supplement in either liquid drop form of capsule, it can work wonders.

Increased Energy

Vitamin B12 can lead to an increase in both focus and energy. One of the primary symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency is lack of energy and fatigue, so by attacking this problem at the root you can see increased energy and focus. Not only can you see better energy levels from the intake of vitamin B12, but you can receive more fulfilling sleep. By getting a better night’s sleep, your energy and focus levels further increase during your day.

Better Skin

Vitamin B12 is so good for skin health, in fact, that vitamin B12 shots are often offered in medical spas and plastic surgery offices. Vitamin B12 offers valuable benefits for skin health, such as reducing inflammation, redness, and acne. Inflammation is what directly leads to aging of the skin, and so by reducing inflammation you can get powerful anti aging benefits as well as overall skin health. The skin is the largest organ in the body, so vitamins and supplements that support that are highly important!

Healthy Blood and Nerve Cells

Vitamin B12 offers a powerful benefit for your body, and this is the creation of healthy blood and nerve cells. Your blood and nerve cells are what directly support the creation of new DNA in the body. This process helps prevent conditions like megaloblastic anemia, which is a condition that causes fatigue and weakness. In addition, the creation of new DNA can also help prevent diseases and other health issues.

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Signs That You Have A Vitamin Deficiency

Signs That You Have A Vitamin Deficiency


With vitamin deficiencies being common and even on the rise in the United States and around the world, it can be hard to find whether you are missing valuable vitamins and supplements that your body needs. In this blog, we are taking a look at some of the signs that you may be vitamin deficient. To find out about a vitamin deficiency, contact a healthcare provider for further testing and medical care. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you may be vitamin deficient and need to introduce changes in your diet or a vitamin supplement to your diet.


You Are Fatigued Regularly

A primary and common symptom of many vitamin deficiencies is fatigue. If you feel yourself being groggy and tired throughout the day even when you have had plenty of sleep the night before, then it may point towards vitamin deficiency of some kind. Some common vitamin deficiencies that cause fatigue and tiredness are vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B deficiencies.

You Are Having Trouble Sleeping

If you are waking up in the night or having trouble falling asleep, a vitamin deficiency could be the cause. The nutrients that we take into our body help to regulate our sleep-wake cycle, and keep us active when we need to be and shut down our bodies and brains for sleep when we need to as well. Whenever you suffer from a vitamin deficiency, your sleep wake cycle can be interrupted, causing you to feel tired during the day due to your lack of sleep at night. Introducing the right supplement can help regulate this and help you to get a better night’s sleep.

You Have Brittle Hair And Nails

Our dermatologic makeup can tell us a lot about our health, and brittle hair and nails is a primary symptom that something is off. If you notice changes in your hair, skin, and nails, especially nails and hair becoming more lackluster and breaking or peeling, then you may be missing important nutrients and suffering from a deficiency. Introducing the right vitamin and supplement can get your skin and hair in better condition due to your body being in better overall health.

Hair Loss

A vitamin deficiency can not only cause brittle hair and nails, but it can actually cause hair loss as well. Our bodies grow hair through the expulsion of dead skin cells, and without the proper functioning mechanisms for this to happen, you can notice thinning of your hair. If you notice hair thinning in addition to other dermatologic changes, then contact a physician so that you can get tested for a deficiency or any other underlying health concerns.

While there are many symptoms of vitamin deficiency, these are a few common ones that can point you in the right direction. After contacting a physician and getting tested, we recommend an all natural vitamin supplement in either liquid vitamin or capsule form, to ensure that your body is receiving as much of those nutrients as possible.

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Common Vitamin Deficiencies For Women

Common Vitamin Deficiencies For Women

Women have some vitamin deficiencies that are more common in women than they are men. Anemia, an iron deficiency, for example, is a vitamin deficiency common in women due to the female monthly cycle and the loss of iron during that time. Vitamin B is another common deficiency in women that can be combatted through vitamin B12 supplements or vitamin B12 shots in a medical facility. If you are a woman and believe you are struggling with a common female vitamin deficiency, contact a medical provider for further testing. In this blog, we will take a look at some common vitamin deficiencies for women.

Vitamin B12

Women are commonly deficient in vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 deficiencies can cause anything from irritability, increased stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, and even changes in skin and hair. For vitamin B12 deficiencies, consider a vitamin B12 supplement or liquid vitamin B12. By rebalancing this vitamin deficiency, you can lead a higher quality of life and work towards better health, better sleep, less stress, and overall higher quality of life.


Another common vitamin deficiency for women is calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency can lead to any amount of symptoms such as pain in joints, muscle spasms, easily fracturing bones, and even in severe cases it can cause nausea, vomiting, and fainting. Calcium is a very important aspect of our health, and by balancing a calcium deficiency with vitamins, supplements, and dietary changes, you can prevent calcium deficiency related injuries and achieve a higher quality of life and health.


Iron deficiency is one of the most well known vitamin deficiencies within females due to the monthly cycle. Due to the amount of iron expelled, a shocking percentage of women are iron deficient. Iron deficiency is also referred to as “anemia”, and can cause a multitude of health issues. If you are anemic or iron deficient, you may notice paleness of the skin, weakness, fatigue, brittle nails, headache and dizziness, and cold hands and feet. If you think you are iron deficient, contact your healthcare provider for testing.

If you are looking for liquid vitamin supplements, check out our liquid vitamin B12 supplement, our vitamin C, and other liquid drop and capsule vitamins and supplements in the Why Not Natural shop! All of our vitamins and supplements are all natural, causing more of the vitamin to be absorbed correctly by the body.

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Benefits of Vitamins and Supplements in Liquid Form

Benefits of Vitamins and Supplements in Liquid Form

While there are many benefits of taking vitamins and supplements in general for a balanced diet and healthy life, the way that you take them can affect their efficacy and absorption rate. Read on to learn more about the benefits of vitamin liquid drops!

1.) Liquid Vitamins are easier to digest

Whether you're taking liquid vitamin k2, liquid b12, liquid vitamin a, or any other supplement, whenever you take vitamins in liquid form it is easier on the digestive tract! If you are someone who finds yourself getting sick from capsule vitamins, a good alternative could be switching to a liquid droplet vitamin supplement. By getting rid of the casing and switching to a liquid, you could feel that nausea go away whenever you take your supplements each day!

2.) Liquid Supplements and Vitamins Generally Have A Higher Absorption Rate

Liquid vitamins and supplements generally have a higher absorption rate than most capsule vitamins, leaving your body soaking up more of that nutrient goodness! 

3.) Liquid Vitamins Often Come In Pleasant And Enjoyable Flavors

Liquid vitamins can be great for those who hate the chalky taste of capsule vitamins, due to varying enjoyable flavors that they come in. Switching to a liquid drop vitamin can allow you to have a more pleasant and enjoyable experience when taking your vitamins!

4.) Liquid Vitamins Contain Fewer Unnecessary Additives

Liquid vitamins generally contain less additives and thus are in purer form than traditional capsule vitamins do! Cutting unnecessary additives is a great way to achieve better health, and by upgrading your vitamins to all natural alternatives with less additives you are well on your way.

While these are only a few of the reasons why liquid vitamins are so beneficial, there are many reasons why switching over to a liquid vitamin is great for your health. Check out the Why Not Natural supplements and liquid vitamins here and see why all natural supplements make all the difference!

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