Our Natural Standards for Our Vitamins and Supplements

We believe in a simple truth: Supplements that are marketed as "good for you" should actually improve your health!

The supplement industry doesn't have the same type of regulation prescription pharmaceuticals do. Our mission is twofold: 

  1. We envision and create the cleanest supplements on the market, meeting our own exacting standards.
  2. We educate our consumers on what should and shouldn't be on an ingredient list.

We say YES to health-promoting ingredients backed by the latest research (not all vitamin forms are created equal!) and formulated by experts for maximum benefit - check out the studies at the bottom of every product description!

We say NO to fillers, common allergens, sugars and artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. 

 why not natural standards

Don't panic: toxicity is all about dose. A small amount of any harmful ingredient won't likely do any harm, but if you're consuming even one supplement each day you could be eating pounds of these additives per year! We want customers to be able to enjoy as many supplements as they want, for as long as they'd like, without worrying about the cumulative effect of what's in them.

Check out our 5 Why Not Natural standards below, with examples of common supplement ingredients you'll never find in our products.

Standard 1: No fillers

What's a Filler?

These are ingredients meant to reduce the production cost and maximize profits, add bulk to the contents so it looks like you're getting more, or improve the appearance. In other words, nothing to do with nutrition (in fact, most do more harm than good) and everything to do with the manufacturer's bottom line.

  • Magnesium silicate/Talc
Anti-caking/anti-clumping agent (talc is the more common name for magnesium silicate). Talc can contain asbestos and there are no requirements for it to undergo testing for asbestos contamination. Only talc-containing products labeled "USP" have been confirmed to be free of asbestos. 
    • Magnesium stearate

    A "flow agent" that keeps ingredients from sticking together and delays breakdown and absorption of medications. Can irritate the mucosal lining of the bowels and cause diarrhea.

    • Silicon dioxide

    Anti-caking agent used to improve texture. Contains nanoparticles which have been linked to gastrointestinal issues such as leaky gut. When consumed long-term, linked to DNA and cell damage.

    • Titanium dioxide/iron oxide/zinc oxide

    Other common anti-caking agents, also used for texture, as zinc and iron supplements, or for color/appearance.

    Contain nanoparticles which have been linked to gastrointestinal issues such as leaky gut. When consumed long-term, linked to DNA and cell damage. One study showed that just a single dose of zinc oxide nanoparticles could cause hepatic injury, kidney toxicity, and lung damage. A review found that iron oxide nanoparticles could cause biotoxicity from reactive oxygen species-induced oxidative stress.

    • Carageenan

    Derived from red seaweed and used to improve texture, thicken, or emulsify ingredients. 

    Linked to chronic inflammation in the body, which is the root cause behind many serious diseases including cancer and heart disease. Lab mice exposed to low carrageenan concentrations over 18 days developed "profound" glucose intolerance as well as impaired insulin response, which lead to diabetes. Linked to ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease as well as a number of other conditions

    Instead of fillers, our vitamins are carried in nutrient-dense, functional ingredients (like spirulina or MCT oil) for bonus benefits. 

    Standard 2: No preservatives

    • Potassium sorbate

    One of the most common preservatives, used to suppress the growth of mold and yeast. Also known as sorbate or sorbic acid.

    In-vitro studies have shown it to cause DNA damage after just 1 hour and to negatively impact immunity. Also shown to increase inflammation in the body.

    • Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Benzoate, and Calcium Benzoate

    Some more common preservatives that inhibit bacteria, mold, and other microbes. Also used as lubricants to make pills appear transparent and smooth and to help them break down after swallowing.

    These form benzene when combined with vitamin C. Benzene is a known carcinogen (meaning it has been confirmed to cause cancer with long-term exposure) and it damages cell mitochondria. Benzoates have also been linked to inflammation, ADHD, oxidative stress and allergies

    • All other synthetic preservatives, including chloroform, parabens, sulfates, and sulfites

    Especially since natural extracts (like citrus extract) work just as well! Our supplements are expertly formulated and tested to prevent growth of harmful microorganisms, naturally.

    Standard 3: No Artificial Additives

    • Dyes and artificial colorants

    The bright, beautiful colors of our supplements are all-natural (green spirulina, red methylcobalamin, purple elderberry): very often, the most nutritious compounds in food are ones that give them their color so there's no need to add anything!

    • Artificial sweeteners

    Sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose may be linked to tumor formation, heart attacks and stroke. Saccharin is listed as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization and it was almost banned in the United States, until Congress intervened to continue to allow its use with a warning label.

    We also avoid adding common irritants and allergens, sugar, genetically modified ingredients - anything that's not beneficial and functional has no place in a supplement

    Standard 4: No Sweeteners, Allergens, or GMOs

    • Allergies? No problem. We have no wheat, gluten, soy allergens, dairy, lactose, eggs, tree nuts, or peanuts.
    • All our products are diabetic friendly: they contain no added sugar!
    • Look for the Non-GMO certified verification on all our products. They're clean from seed to bottle!

    Standard 5: Tested and Verified

    Our production conforms to Good Manufacturing Practices, our products are independently tested for purity and potency, and we're working on getting our USDA Organic certification on all products that aren't already. All our products are made in the USA or in the country where they're sold (our Canadian B12 is made in Canada, using the same strict standards). We create only supplements we'd want to give to our own family!