6 Healthy Mocktail Recipes with Benefits

6 Healthy Mocktail Recipes with Benefits

The World Health Organization recently published a bold statement in the highly respected publication, The Lancet Public Health:

There is no amount of alcohol that is "safe" for consumption when it comes to health. (1)

That's right: an increase in the risk of cancer, unfortunately, starts from the first drop.

But if you're trying to cut down on alcohol or even eliminate it completely, you don't have to stick to drinking just water. We've compiled a list of 6 mocktail recipes you're going to love...each one with its own benefits!

There are recipes you can make for just one person (like the Paloma) or recipes that make enough to share for a party (like the Sangria). Enjoy and let us know how you like them!

1. Paloma Mocktail

Benefits: immunity, digestion, energy, metabolism

Paloma mocktail 

Makes 1 large glass

Paloma mocktail ingredients


-1 juiced grapefruit

-1 juiced lime

-1/2 Tbsp local honey

-Sparkling water

-Why Not Natural zinc

Directions: Mix grapefruit juice, lime juice, local honey, and 1 dropper of zinc. Stir well, then fill glass with sparkling water. Put a lime on the rim and enjoy!

2. Sangria Mocktail

Benefits: sleep, hair, skin, and nails, immunity, blood sugar

woman drinking sangria mocktail

Makes 1 pitcher


-Mixed sliced fruit (we used 1 sliced orange, 1 sliced grapefruit, 1 sliced apple, and some blackberries)

-4 cups tart cherry juice

-2 juiced lemons

-2 juiced oranges

-16 oz sparkling water/club soda

-1-2 tsp Ceylon cinnamon

-Why Not Natural liquid collagen

ingredients for sangria mocktail from why not natural on cutting board

Directions: Whisk cinnamon vigorously into a small amount of cherry juice or sparkling water until dissolved. Place fruit slices into bottom of pitcher. Pour in lemon juice, orange juice, and tart cherry juice, then stir. 

pouring tart cherry juice into pitcher

Add sparkling water and finish by adding dissolved cinnamon. 

Pour into individual glasses, and add a dropper full of liquid collagen for that extra boost of benefits.

sangria mocktail in glass with liquid collagen from why not natural

3. Cherry Shrub

cherry shrub with b12 why not natural

Benefits: digestion, detoxification, blood sugar, neurological function, metabolism and weight loss, gut health

Have you heard of a shrub? Their history dates back to the 17th century where in England vinegar was used in place of citrus juices to preserve berries and fruits when out of season. They were used to fight scurvy which plagued the British Navy in the 18th century.

This tradition carried over to the US where these refreshing tonics gained popularity during prohibition. Let's bring them back into fashion, shall we?

Makes 1 liter (about half a pitcher)


-12 oz cherries (we used frozen cherries and let them thaw)

-1/4 cup local honey or alternative sweetener

-1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (use more for added benefits, but you have to like vinegar!)

-24 ounces club soda/sparkling water

-Why Not Natural cherry B12

cherry shrub ingredients

Directions: mash cherries with a potato masher or fork. If you didn't start from frozen fruit, you can soften them by cooking or blend them with some of the vinegar. 

When fully mashed and soft, add apple cider vinegar and club soda and mix well. Strain mixture and reserve cherries for another purpose (like adding to oatmeal).

Add honey and stir to dissolve. Put in a sealed container and let sit overnight (it's shelf stable because of the vinegar, so you can let it sit for longer if you'd like- just be warned that it might build some pressure!)

cherry shrub and liquid b12

Shake well before serving, and add an ice cub and desired serving of B12 to each glass.

4. Ginger Green Tea Mocktail

why not natural b complex and ginger green tea cocktail

Benefits: energy, mental health, anti-nausea, calming and overall feeling of well-being

Makes 2-3 large glasses

ginger green tea pouring into glass


-16 oz brewed green tea, chilled

-16 oz ginger kombucha

-sliced seasonal fruit

-Why Not Natural B complex

slicing grapefruit


Add sliced seasonal fruit (we used grapefruit) to bottom of serving container, add green tea and ginger kombucha, and stir well. 

Pour into serving glasses with a couple slices of the fruit in each, add a dropper of B complex to each, and enjoy!

adding why not natural b complex to glass

5. Cucumber Lemonade

cucumber lemonade with why not natural collagen

Benefits: immunity, skin health and glowing appearance, gut health, hydration and antioxidants

Makes 3-4 servings


-1 cucumber, juiced (if you don't have a juicer just blend and strain it)

-juice of 3 lemons

-1/4 cup honey or alternative sweetener

-3 cups water or sparkling water

-Why Not Natural liquid collagen with biotin

ingredients for cucumber lemonade why not natural


Add all ingredients besides collagen and stir well. Pour into individual glasses and add desired collagen serving. This is a great one for kids!

6. Ginger Fauxito (mock mojito)

ginger fauxito

Benefits: digestion, gut health, energy, anti-nausea, bone and heart health

Makes 1 large glass


-10 mint leaves

-4 sprigs thyme

-juice of 1 lemon or 2 limes

-2 lime slices

-1 tsp honey

-12 oz lemon-ginger sparkling prebiotic/probiotic drink (we like Olipop) - if you don't like ginger or want a more classic "mojito" taste you can use a lemon-flavored drink, or sparkling water with extra honey or stevia to taste

-Why Not Natural liquid vitamin D3-K2


Squeeze lemon or limes, add honey, and throw in mint leaves. "Muddle" the mint leaves - it's exactly what it sounds like, just squish them all up in the juice! We use the end of a rolling pin.

Pour in the probiotic drink. Throw in the thyme sprigs and one lime slice, a few drops of D3-K2, and stir it up well. Put a lime on the rim and enjoy!

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6 Healthy Mocktail Recipes with Benefits


(1) https://www.who.int/europe/news/item/04-01-2023-no-level-of-alcohol-consumption-is-safe-for-our-health#:~:text=The%20risks%20and%20harms%20associated,that%20does%20not%20affect%20health.

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