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Liquid Marine Collagen Drops plus Biotin

Liquid Marine Collagen Drops plus Biotin

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Wild-caught marine collagen

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Ideal for hair, skin, and nails

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No synthetic preservatives or sugar

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  • Skin aging: a meta-analysis of 19 studies showed hydrolyzed collagen noticeably improved skin hydration, had a 35% reduction in wrinkles, and a 40% increase in skin elasticity when consumed for 90 days. It repairs skin collagen and elastin fibers, which weaken as we age. 
  • Joints: Collagen consumption has been shown to reduce joint pain by 43% and improve joint mobility by 39%.
  • Sustainable Alternative to Beef or Pork Collagen: Our collagen is a byproduct of the fishing industry, and comes from wild-caught fish
  • Nails and Hair: collagen improves strength and hydration of dry, brittle nails, and biotin supplementation has been shown to improve nail and hair growth
  • Rich in glycine and proline: Most people don't consume enough of these amino acids found abundantly in fish skin. These amino acids perform anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions and help with blood sugar.
  • Superior Absorption: Marine collagen is absorbed more efficiently than other sources of collagen due to the smaller particle size.
  • Why Not Natural quality: like all of our products, this contains no preservatives (like potassium sorbate), no sugar, no food coloring and no common allergens (besides fish!).

How to Take It

It's an easy-to-take sublingual liquid form with a marked dropper! For full dosage, fill to top line (1 mL) and take once per day or as needed. We recommend taking directly by mouth or mixed into water, before or between meals.


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