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Liquid Vitamin A (10,000 IU) with Coconut MCT Oil

Liquid Vitamin A (10,000 IU) with Coconut MCT Oil

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Supports vision and skin

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In coconut MCT oil

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Includes marked dropper for flexible dosing

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Our liquid vitamin A helps with vision, immunity, fertility, acne, hair growth, and it acts as an antioxidant. 

Plant sources (carotenoids) are not vitamin A, and can be converted to vitamin A. Good natural sources of true vitamin A (retinol and retinyl esters) are organ meats, especially liver. 

Our vitamin A is completely vegan (retinyl - a true retinoid) and comes in pure coconut MCT oil which supports the metabolism.

Liquid Vitamin A Benefits


Natural acne treatment from sublingual liquid vitamin A drops! It’s great for preventing and treating acne (including cystic acne), reducing scarring as well as follicular hyperkeratosis, and improving texture. It’s an antioxidant for a healthy glow and stimulates collagen production. Retinyl palmitate is found naturally in skin and a healthy alternative to harsh topical and oral acne treatments.



 Liquid Vitamin A maintains healthy eyesight by repairing eye tissue and supporting mucus membranes to moisturize eyes and fight age related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa retinal diseases as well as night blindness. Helps hair grow long and healthy (vitamin A is responsible for cell growth) and moisturized by stimulating sebaceous glands. 



 Liquid vitamin A supplement is a powerful antioxidant and helps with immunity. Helps reduce inflammation and produce white blood cells to clear bacteria and pathogens. Supports reproductive health.


What Makes this liquid Vitamin A Different


Retinyl palmitate is a retinoid (like retinol), meaning it’s bioavailable (easily absorbed into the body) unlike poorly-absorbed beta-carotene which is usually found in vegetables like carrots. 



Almost all bioavailable Vitamin A comes from animals (especially fish, like cod), and plant- based beta carotene is not well-absorbed. Why Not Natural liquid Vitamin A drops are a hard-to-find vegan retinyl palmitate that is plant based and far better absorbed than beta carotene. Best taken with fat, vitamin A 10000 IU is carried in superfood MCT oil that helps with weight support, energy and has antimicrobial and anti fungal properties as well as blood sugar management.

How to Take It

It's an easy-to-take sublingual liquid form with a marked dropper! For full 10000 IU dosage, fill to 1st line (0.25 mL) and take once per day or as needed. We recommend starting with 3 drops, and taking it with a meal any time of day.

Children's Dose (see images for clarification):

Birth-8 Years: 1 drop per day (300 mcg)

Males 9-13 Years and Females 9-18 Years: 2 drops per day (600 mcg)*

Males 14-18 Years: 3 drops per day (900 mcg)

*Consult doctor before use if pregnant or nursing.


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