Signs That You May Have A Vitamin Deficiency

Signs That You May Have A Vitamin Deficiency

Signs That You May Have A Vitamin Deficiency

Suffering from a vitamin deficiency can cause a decrease in quality of life in addition to posing long and short term health risks. With potential health threats such as cardiac disease, lowered immune system, and more, it is important to deal with a potential vitamin deficiency once you notice the symptoms and signs. While some may be difficult to pinpoint, others may be more noticeable. We have compiled a few of the potential symptoms that you might see if you are experiencing a vitamin deficiency. As always, if you believe that you may be deficient, the best thing to do is to head to your doctor's office and ask for testing to be done. 

Brittle hair and nails

Vitamin deficiencies often show themselves in our appearance, especially our hair and nails. If you notice that your hair and nails are lackluster and brittle, then you may be suffering from a deficiency of some kind. This is one of the most common symptoms in vitamin deficiencies, regardless of whether it is a vitamin B12 deficiency, a calcium deficiency caused by inadequate vitamin D levels, or a vitamin K2 deficiency.

Scaly Patches On The Skin, and Dandruff

Just like we stated previously, often times the most common symptoms of vitamin deficiencies display themselves in our dermatology. If you’re noticing scaly patches on the skin in addition to dandruff, it’s best to see a doctor for testing to see if a vitamin deficiency is the cause. Our skin is almost always the first to show us symptoms of what is going on inside of our bodies, and being deficient in vitamins and nutrients we need are no exception to this.

Restless Leg Syndrome

While restless leg syndrome can also be a symptom of mental health illnesses or diagnoses such as anxiety or schizophrenia, it can also be caused by a deficiency in vitamins and nutrients. Many times, a vitamin B12 deficiency or other vitamin deficiency can actually cause an onset of anxiety and sleeplessness, which contributes to restless leg syndrome. If you find that this is something you are experiencing, you should get checked for a vitamin deficiency.

Sleepless Nights

One of the lesser known symptoms of a deficiency is sleeplessness and restlessness. Many people who are lacking proper nutrients find it difficult to sleep at night, causing them to be tired, groggy, or anxious during the day. This can become a vicious cycle in which less work gets done throughout the day, causing you to be more anxious and sleep even less, and can greatly contribute to a lower quality of life. 


Lower Night Vision and Difficulty Seeing In Low Light

Vitamins such as vitamin A contribute to our vision health and ability. If you are deficient in Vitamin A or Vitamin C, it can cause trouble seeing in lower light and you might notice slight to moderate impairments in vision that would otherwise go unexplained.

As always, if you’re experiencing this it is always best to go to the doctor for further testing and to eliminate any other possibilities that could be affecting vision.

Signs That You May Have A Vitamin Deficiency
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