Why are all natural supplements important

Why Are All Natural Supplements Important?

While it may be tempting to head to your local Walmart and buy a Great Value brand vitamin or supplement, it is probably best to fight that urge. Many vitamins and supplements that are sold for cheaper prices and at chain grocery stores include fillers, chemicals, and sometimes even plastics. There are many reasons why going for an all natural supplement is healthier and will produce better results, and we are going to cover a few of those below.

Better Absorption Rate

By switching to an all natural supplement, you are increasing the absorption rate of the vitamin. What this means is that your body is responding more positively, and absorbing more of the nutrients within the supplement that you are ingesting. With higher absorption rates, you are therefore taking in more amounts of the supplement while still ingesting the recommended dosage. 

You Might Purchase Something That’s Been On The Shelf For Years

You would never walk into a supermarket and purchase a slab of beef or a bag of avocados that had been on the shelf for more than a few days or a week, so why would you do it with your vitamins? Many large, name brand vitamins get mass produced and then end up sitting on the shelf for years. This can point to two underlying concerns: the effectiveness of a vitamin after having a long shelf life, and the additives inside of the vitamin that are making this a possibility. A truly all natural vitamin will typically have a shorter shelf life than a non-natural vitamin, due to these chemical components not being added.

Chemical Buildup That Can Eventually Lead To Disease

Whenever you ingest a 100% all natural vitamin or supplement, the body excretes the excess vitamin that it doesn’t need, and absorbs the rest. Whenever a chemical based or “synthetic” vitamin is ingested, the body instead will store these until it is able to process them. The storage of these unnecessary synthetic components by the body can actually contribute to additional health problems, making the very ingestion of these vitamins counterproductive and counterintuitive.

The best line of action whenever you are taking a vitamin or supplement is to ingest a high quality, all natural version. Whether you’re taking vitamin A, vitamin K2, vitamin B12, or any other supplement you are adding to your diet, choosing a high quality and natural form is highly important. By avoiding synthetic vitamins, you can also notice that the “sickly” feeling that you may get after ingesting supplements goes away, whereas with synthetic forms you may feel a heavy or sick feeling in your stomach. For a fantastic selection of all natural vitamins and supplements, check out our store here. We offer a great selection of all natural liquid vitamins, vitamin D3 K2, liquid b12 drops, and more.


Why Are All Natural Supplements important
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