Taking vitamin D? Here's why you need K2, too.

Taking Vitamin D? Here's Why You Need K2, Too.

You're getting enough D3, but are you maximizing the benefits?

D3-K2 supplement


Most people know it’s important to get enough vitamin D whether it’s from sunlight, food, or supplementation, but did you know that the relationship between D3 and vitamin K2 is critical for bone and cardiovascular health?
One role of D3 is to aid calcium absorption in the blood, and vitamin K2 balances that calcium by regulating 2 proteins that help integrate calcium into your bones and bind any excess calcium in your arteries. In other words, it reduces calcium plaque formation in the arteries and heart and increases the amount actually going into your bones and teeth. Vitamin K2 also has its own benefits like supporting normal blood clotting. 

Western diets typically provide about 25% of the recommended daily amount of K2 you need for these functions because the typical sources which are dairy, cheese, butter, and eggs don’t contain enough. The best food source is natto, or fermented soybeans, and this also happens to be one of the few vegan sources. In both our vegetarian and vegan D3-K2 supplements we source the K2 from natto!

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