What Foods Contain Vitamin C

What Foods Contain Vitamin C?

There are many great options to increase your vitamin C intake through the foods you eat. Vitamin C supports our immune system, skin health, gut health, and even aids focus. Oranges are a famous go-to for packing in vitamin C, but there’s a lot more foods than just the orange fruit that are a great source of this immunity boosting nutrient. Read below for some of the top foods to bring more vitamin C into your diet!

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers contain high levels of vitamin C, and are a beautifully versatile food that can be added as a topping to almost any dish. Whether you’re adding them to a casserole, making stuffed bell peppers, or having taco night, bell peppers contain plenty of vitamin C that will get to work boosting your immune system and skin health!


Tomatoes contain high levels of carotenoids (a vitamin A precursor), vitamin C, vitamin K, and even potassium. A great addition to any recipe, tomatoes are full of flavor and these red fruits combine nicely with any meal. To make sure that you and your family are getting plenty of vitamin C in your diet, think of adding tomatoes to your next meal.

White potatoes

White potatoes, while being high in starch, are a great source of vitamin C. White potatoes are delicious and great for any recipe, however keep in mind that balancing starch intake is important as well so make sure that you are getting plenty of other sources of vitamin C on your plate.


Strawberries are full of antioxidants, vitamin c being one of them. These antioxidants can help prevent stroke, cancer, and even heart disease. In addition to being full of vitamin C, strawberries are a great source of magnesium! 

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Top Foods That Contains Vitamin C
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