What foods is vitamin A found

What Foods Is Vitamin A Found In?

Vitamin A is a powerful nutrient that helps support vision, reproduction, growth, bone health, and even helps support healthy lungs and heart. While we all have probably been told the best source of vitamin A is carrots, that's not actually true: see this article to learn the truth about beta carotene vs. vitamin A and why vegetarian sources aren't always a good idea. 

Here are some sources of provitamin A (which for some people can be converted to vitamin A) and actual vitamin A.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are a fantastic source of provitamin A! Kale, spinach, and broccoli all contain great levels of carotenoids (a vitamin A precursor) and can be cooked deliciously or even eaten raw to preserve the nutrients that may expel during the cooking process. By doubling down on your leafy greens, you may improve your vitamin A but you will also improve your fiber intake.


Tomatoes contain provitamin A as well! While tomatoes contain plenty of beta carotene, whenever you introduce these juicy delicious fruits into your diet, you are also getting vitamin K, potassium, and even vitamin C. Just like with leafy greens and any other fruit or vegetable, whenever you cook tomatoes you are going to lose some of the vitamins and nutrients through the cooking process. Raw tomatoes are going to contain the highest amounts of nutrients and be a great dietary addition!


Real Vitamin A can be found in eggs (unfortunately, only animal products actually contain vitamin A in nature). Eggs are a great source of vitamin A, and make a delicious breakfast. If you even want to triple down on vitamin A for a great breakfast meal, scramble some eggs and throw in some spinach and tomato for a great breakfast scramble packed with nutrients that will give you plenty of energy throughout the day!

Beef Liver

While liver is a food that some people don’t often eat, beef liver is actually packed with vitamins and nutrients and vitamin A is one of them! It's one of the best sources of actual vitamin A and highly recommended for consumption if you're experiencing signs of deficiency. Beef liver is often used in stews and soups, due to it adding a great flavor to the broth. In addition to vitamin A, beef liver is a fantastic source of protein to support muscle health and development.

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Vitamin A-Rich Foods
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