My Vitamins Are Expired

Help! I Think My Vitamins Are Expired

While many vitamins have an extremely long shelf life, it is possible for them to expire. Expired vitamins often does not pose any real health risk, however there are some reasons to avoid taking those expired supplements that have been sitting in your cabinet for months or years.

While taking expired vitamins will not pose any health risks, vitamins and supplements do lose their potency over time, making them pack less of a punch and giving your body less than the desired dosage. In addition, many vitamins with an extremely long shelf life contain preservatives that are less than desirable for your health. It is always recommended to check your expiration dates, and make sure that you are taking all natural vitamins as well. Most vitamins are actually good for 2 years past the expiration date, however all natural vitamins are going to have a shorter shelf life due to the lack of preservatives or preservation methods used in unnatural vitamins and synthetic supplements.

If you are having trouble remembering to take your supplements, setting a reminder on your phone each day or using a phone app to remind you to take them can help prevent you from having expired vitamins and supplements, and ensure that you are ingesting the highest quality and gaining all of the nutrients that you can from them. 

Storing your vitamins in a recommended area, most commonly a cool dark place, can also help ensure that your vitamins are lasting as long as possible. By being informed about guidelines and recommendations for your vitamins, you can ensure they are lasting as long as possible and that you are getting the greatest benefit from them that you can. Some supplements, such as liquid vitamin drops, may have recommendations such as to store them in a fridge. Always be aware and check the packaging or bottle for recommendations on how to store your supplements, the expiration date, and recommended dosage information.

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Is It Safe to Take Vitamins Past Expiration Date?
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