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Why To Take Your Vitamins And Supplements With Food

If you’ve taken vitamins and supplements, you are probably well aware of the instruction to always take your supplements with food or after a meal. While this is relatively common knowledge, the reason for this is not known to some. To learn more about why to take your vitamins and supplements with food and the benefits of making this a habit, read on below.

Whenever we take vitamins, our stomach digests the contents and then it is sent throughout our bodies by our bloodstream. Our stomach acid is what breaks down the contents of everything that we eat, and whenever we eat food, additional stomach acid is produced in order to properly digest what we eat. If we have an empty stomach, our stomach acid production goes down in order to avoid damaging our stomach lining and to prevent health concerns such as stomach ulcers. 

Whenever we consume food, there is a sizable portion being consumed and therefore it sends a signal to our stomach to create additional stomach acid. Whenever we consume a vitamin or supplement by itself, it is not a large enough portion to send a signal to our brain to create additional stomach acid and properly digest the vitamin.

Consuming vitamins and supplements without food has multiple negative reactions. Nausea can be a common side effect of taking vitamins without food. In addition to nausea, there can be less absorption of the vitamin by your body due to the lack of stomach acid to properly break down and digest the vitamin. This means that less of the “good stuff”, aka: the actual beneficial nutrients of the vitamin are being absorbed to be used by the body. 

By taking your vitamins and supplements with food, you are maximizing the positive benefits of your vitamins in addition to preventing unwanted side effects such as nausea and potential vomiting. To check out some great vitamins and supplements, take a look at our vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin B12 supplements in our shop today!

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